Retail Week – London

Retail Week Conference 2011, London.

Why attend the Retail Week Conference?

  1. Find out what the leaders of retail are thinking. Get inside their minds. Learn what they’re doing to grow. Apply their knowledge and insight to your business. Get ready for the recovery.
  2. Discover what’s on the politicians‘ agenda. Retail Week Conference 2011 will give you access to the politicians and commentators, and their plans for the retail sector. So whatever the shape and colour of the UK’s next government, you will know what to expect.
  3. What does the future hold? Hear the expert opinion on the economic recovery. Are we bumping along the bottom? Or are the green shoots really here? Find out from the sharpest analysts and commentators.
  4. Be inspired. Retail Week Conference 2011 will feature some of the industry’s most progressive, exciting, and innovative retailers, large and small. Come and see them, and go back refreshed, motivated and ready to make a difference.
  5. Meet, network, and be seen. The Retail Week Conference is the biggest and most prestigious event for the industry in the UK and Europe. Attracting C-level participants from all sectors, including grocery, fashion, health and beauty, general retail and electronics, this is the place to share experiences and insights with other retailers at the top of their game.

Key Topics

  • Innovate to grow
  • Getting ecommerce right
  • International expansion
  • Who will be the rising stars of tomorrow?
  • Successfully managing pricing and discounting
  • Motivating and encouraging staff in a tough retail climate
  • Getting turnarounds right; what’s the secret?

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